Tips for Kids Sake is Feb. 5!

The ever-popular Tips for Kids Sake is in just a few days. There are over 130 Celebrity Waiters who have volunteered to step out of their comfort zone and wait tables for Big Brothers Big Sisters. As the coordinator of this event, I am in awe of our Celebrity Waiters! This is hard work and while it’s a fun event, we put a lot of responsibility on our Celebrities to fill up the restaurants and ask for big tips and they rise to the challenge!

And the participating restaurants. Yes, it’s great exposure for their restaurant and a great night of business for them but it’s also a night of chaos for them with a bunch of Celebrity Waiters running around and people staying longer than usual because they are having so much fun and their kitchens being stretched to the max. Yet they want to support Big Brothers Big Sisters and so they jump in the fray with enthusiasm.

If you haven’t been to a Tips for Kids Sake, you should! Not only are you enjoying a great dinner (hey – the service may be a little crazy but it’s the same great food!), but you are supporting children who need the support of adult mentors and you are supporting brave Celebrity Waiters and local restaurants. Click here to see a complete list of restaurants and Celebrity Waiters AND the number to call to make reservations which are strongly recommended!

If you can’t be a Big Brother or Big Sister, be a Big Tipper!

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