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Taste of St. Augustine 2012


Hampton Inn - St. Augustine Beach
Hampton Inn, St. Augustine Beach

or call  (904) 471-4000 and use ‘SIP’ as the promo code

Hilton Garden Inn - St. Augustine Beach
Hilton Garden Inn, St. Augustine Beach

or call  (904) 471-5559 and use ‘SIP’ as the promo code

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Florida's Historic Coast



NEW IN 2016: The Taste Academy

Starting April 20th and ending April 23rd, the Taste Academy will offer a variety of educational opportunities to learn more about local food sources, giving guests a backstage pass to learn from local food artisans and chefs.

The Academy offers food enthusiasts the opportunity to delve deeper into our area’s culinary culture. Each workshop will take place at participating locations around St. Augustine (see below). Workshop guests will also receive a free admission to A Taste of St. Augustine - a celebration of local food, local breweries/wineries and local music on Saturday, April 23rd, at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre!






COURSES (priced per person):

Wed, April 20

10:00AM - Pop Art (at the Hyppo Cafe on 312) - $15 (max 25 guests)

The Hyppo has become a local legend, known for their unique flavors and colorful gourmet pops. Join the owner/founder of The Hyppo, St. Augustine native Stephen DiMare as he discusses the trials and tribulations of pioneering new flavor combinations. Learn about the intricacies of successful pairings and get an inside look at how pops are made from fruit to stick. Pop tastings included!

Admission includes pop-making demonstration, a flavor-combination handout, sample flavor cube recipes for trying at home, and gourmet pop samples.

12:00PM - Story of Paella (at The Taberna of the Colonial Quarter) - $30 (max 25 guests)

Chef John Whitworth of Taberna del Caballo will offer a cooking demonstration on how to make paella with true Spanish flavor. Ingredients and techniques will be explained as the dish is made and you’ll learn the history of Spanish paella.  Plus, learn the best wines to pair the dish with.  Enjoy a 3 course lunch including, of course, paella.Admission includes cooking demonstration, Spanish wine, a 3 course lunch, paella recipe plus information on sourcing ingredients.

6:00PM - Pasta Making (at Terra & Acqua) - $45 (max 25 guests)

There’s nothing quite like fresh pasta, and now you can learn the basics of making it at home! Join chef Simone Parisi (native of Florence, Italy) for a private dining event for you won’t soon forget!   The evening includes a live pasta-making demonstration, followed by a delicious 3-course Chef's dinner of housemade specialties paired perfectly with a selection of beautiful Italian wines. Admission includes a private chef demonstration, dinner and wine, a pint of house-made Terra & Acqua Bolognese sauce, along with recipes for easy pastas to make at home (tax & gratuity included).

Thurs, April 21

10:00AM - Chocolate Making (at Creme de la Cocoa) - $30 (max 20 guests)

Learn the essentials of making great chocolates, and play with flavor pairings and profiles - including a local St. Augustine favorite, the legendary datil pepper. Discuss common mistakes in making chocolate and the difference between a chocolate maker and chocolatier. Learn how to shape, sculpt and make edible art with chocolate. Enjoy a Creme de la Cocoa dessert paired with champagne mimosas. Admission includes champagne mimosas, chocolate samples, a small box of  Creme de la Cocoa chocolates to go, tips and tricks for making chocolates at home, 5 recipes, plus a starter list for where to source ingredients.

12:00PM - Florida Shrimp & Pickles (at Preserved) - $20 (20 guests)

Join James Beard award nominee,  Chef Brian Whittington for an afternoon of Florida shrimp and pickles! Inspired by the history of our region, this workshop begins with a discussion of the roots and modern day shrimping practices in St. Augustine as we progresses into a presentation by Chef Whittington himself. This workshop will offer insights on how to make pickled veggies and shrimp, why people pickle, and what happens to food and flavor in the pickling process. Brendan Burke, local archeologist and shrimping historian, will also be there to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for local seafood! Admission includes a light lunch of Florida shrimp on toast and house made pickles, shrimp and pickles presentations, wine or beer, plus 3 take-home recipes from Chef Whittington.

5:00PM - St. Augustine's Wine History (at The San Sebastian Winery) - $20 (max 35 guests)

Where does wine play into St. Augustine’s history and culinary heritage? Come enjoy a private after-hours facility tour, video presentation and guided wine presentation/tasting with cheese sampling from St. Augustine’s premier winery, The San Sebastian Winery. Learn about the wine history of St. Augustine while you enjoy  wine with unusual cheese pairings. Admission includes a take home the recipe for the well-known San Sebastian Winery Sangria and a list of recommended cheese & wine pairings. Interested patrons are encouraged to purchase tickets by 4/18/16.

Friday, April 22

10:00AM - Coffee Talk (at DOS Coffee & Wine) - $25 (max 10 guests)

If you love coffee, you'll love this workshop. Participants are guided through the roasting process and a professional coffee cupping. Learn about the significance of sourcing beans and their growing regions. Discuss flavor profiles, techniques for cupping, and how best to prepare coffee to reveal all its most favorable qualities. Coffee will be served! Admission includes roasting demonstration, coffee cupping, a bag of locally house-roasted DOS Coffee to-go, information in review, plus tips for brewing excellent coffee.

6:00 PM - Botanical Cocktails (at Southern Horticulture) - $25 (max 15 guests)

When most people think of ingredients for craft cocktails, they think of fruit. But herbs should not be overlooked! Easy to grow at home and a delicious companion to spirit, this workshop is a garden party you won't want to miss. Join Odd Birds Bar owner (and cocktail maker extraordinaire) Cesar Diaz, for a hands-on demonstration that covers the basics of cocktail-making: muddling, straining, flavor pairings, and the use of shrubs, tinctures and mixers). Local honey harvested from the hives of Southern Horticulture's bee expert Kim Robertson will be featured, while herb expert Maggie Ouellette and “Southern Horticulture” co-owner Jean Dowdy will be on hand to discuss the basics of growing herbs right in your own backyard. Admission includes botanical cocktails in the garden, demonstrations and samplings, 3 specialty cocktail recipes, and two herb starters to plant at home.

7:00PM - Spanish Royal Feast (at Colonial Oaks of the Colonial Quarter) - $95 (max 75 guests)

Enjoy a special dinner under the stars in an authentic Old St. Augustine setting!  A sumptuous feast featuring traditional Spanish dishes (including Gazpacho, Fabada Asturiana, Paella

Valencia, Mallorcan Tumbet and more!) prepared by Chef John Whitworth, Executive Chef of Colonial Quarter.  The Feast will be paired with authentic Spanish wines found exclusively at the Colonial Quarter.  Enjoy key note speaker Jeffrey Spear, an accomplished food writer, author of The First Coast Heritage Cookbook and the host of the TV show “The Gadget Guy”, as he narrates the feast including the history of our region’s cuisine with specific commentary regarding the evening’s dishes. Admission includes 2 glasses of Spanish Wine, tour of The Colonial Oaks at The Colonial Quarter, keynote presentation by food writer/historian Jeffrey Spear, and a feast fit for royalty!

Saturday, April 23
The 20th Anniversary of The Taste of St. Augustine
11:00AM until 5:00PM - The St. Augustine Amphitheatre - $5 Admission (children under 12 FREE)

As an attendee of one or all of our Academy courses, you’ll receive 1 free admission to join us for the 20th Anniversary of “The Taste of St. Augustine!” Consider it your graduation ceremony!

$5.00 Adult admission | Children admitted FREE | FREE PARKING ON SITE! | FREE CHILDREN’S AREA!